202 Kokutai IJN

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DOR: 25OCT07
Commanding Officer
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AGE:  44

LOCATION:  Knoxville, Tennessee 

OCCUPATION:  Law enforcement 
INTERESTS/HOBBIES:  CFS-2 being 1st, My tazer being 2nd!! I like fishing, riding bikes, hunting and being a Dad to my two daughters. I have spent most my life in the military and I guess you could say I have traveled the world. I am now in the field of law enforcement and enjoy helping others. Did I mention my tazer? 

A note from the Commander of the 202 Kokutai

I am the Commander of the 202 Kokutai, IJN that plays in the game of CFS-2 made by Microsoft. Combat Flight Simulator 2 was made with the thought of the Pacific Theater of WWII in mind. Some may wonder why would an American make a squadron of people in the flight sim world a Japanese squadron. Well, it is simple. I frankly got tired of going into a match or FFA room or IP and fight against the Sair, Hellcat or the Wildcat. The same ole aircraft and the same ole aircraft I was flying as well. With that in mind I brought back to life the greatest squadron of the Imperial Japanese Navy. The 202/3 Kokutai, IJN.


It was not meant to bring hard feelings to our vet’s of WWII or to bring ill feelings from anyone within the flight sim world. It was brought back to life only within the CFS2 game. So, if there are any hard feelings from anyone, I am sorry. Just don’t come back onto the 202 site.


There has been a lot of time and sleepless nights getting the 202 site up and running. So, I hope you enjoy what you see here and now, and not what happened on 07DEC41 and the years to follow. I too, had family killed fighting against the Japanese. So, look forward and not back, and enjoy the world of CFS2 on the net!!


I and/or the pilots of the 202nd Kokutai have no contact or relations with any Government of Japan or military units with the Imperial Japanese Navy. We do not condone how the American Soldiers or American Pilots were treated as POW’s or in realm of being captured. This squadron is made up of sim pilots from all over the world and it goes no further than that.


Enjoy the site




202 Kokutai IJN